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Durham Market – Shopping local since the 12th century!

Do you know about Durham Outdoor Saturday Market?
Some time in the 12th Century a group of local traders got together and created a market that has continued in its present location right up until the present day. A few of them are actually still here by the looks of it…

But no matter what happened in the world, whether it was marauding Scots, Plague, more marauding Scots, more Plague, Henry VIIIs ‘makeover’ of the cathedral and surrounding environs or even The Civil War the traders of Durham rocked up and sold their wares. That spirit still exists today! COVID-19 might be one of the biggest challenges our land has faced but if you happen to be sauntering through Durham on a Saturday afternoon, guess who’ll be in the market place? You guessed! The Durham marketeers. Socially distanced and perfectly sanitized.

The list is as eclectic as it was in the 12th century though the alchemist, the chirurgeon and the hetheleder may have moved on, we still have the costermonger, the eggler, harber-dashers, pie-sellers and so much more.

Check out the trader lists on…

And maybe if you’re passing by have a butchers and support a local trader! Heres to another 800 years!


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