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Founded in 1912, Germana Cachaça today is one of the most renowned handcrafted Brazilian Cachaças, characterised for its straw covered bottle. The Germana recipe stems from a family tradition that began with the family’s patriarch, Sergio Caetano. Since then, the secrets of its distillation have been passed down from generations to generations.

The gold Cachaça is aged for 2 years in Brazilian cherrywood called Umburana wood barrels.

Awarded VIP status on many of London’s finest back bars, Germana maintains a 100 year old tradition and quality for cachaça aged in oak and balm casks after natural maize fermentation and the noble distillation in copper stills. The name Germana originates from a nun who lived alone on a mountain, Serra da Piedade, in the 18th century.

She collected herbs, flowers and plants from the mountain side and extracted the medicinal proprieties of these by adding cachaça to heal the people of the region. In Portuguese Germana means unique, one of a kind, special and authentic and this is why Sergio Caetano chose this name for his Cachaça.

Tasting Notes: Germana eschew the regular leaf-covering that features on their bottles for their Caetano’s Cachaça, which is aged in Brazilian cherry wood barrels before it is bottled.

Awards: Awarded numerous prizes and medals from all over the world.

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