Red Wine

To Fridge or not to Fridge, that is the question…

Be prepared for a startling revelation… Red wines don’t always need to be served at room temperature! Now this is something our European friends have known for years but its taken a wee while longer for us Brits to get a ticket for the chill train but more and more of our customers are asking for a red they can pop in the fridge.

We’re not suggesting you grab the Brunello off the rack mind, but your Cabernet Franc, Pinot Noir or our current belle du jour, Beaujolais-Villages, can really bring something else to the table with 1-2 hours in the fridge before you drink it. 12-14c is the promised land for these guys, we’re not talking 6-8c! That’s how we like our IPAs. Over chilling would kill the aromas, think cold coffee…

A Beaujolais that’s been in the chill is a great turn at a BBQ, or the perfect accompaniment to a good plate of charcuterie, it should be first name on the team sheet at a picnic and when I was a young cat I met an old French dude in Burgundy on one of my many Busmans Holidays who served strawberries with Beaujolais the way we use cream. I thought he was mad, but I still do it to this day.

So if you fancy giving it a spin click the links below, remember your multi-buy discounts and give it a whirl, we can’t recommend it highly enough.


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